Today is June 19th. Tomorrow evening will air Episode 22 on their podcast. I hope you will give a listen, as it will feature yours truly and the song and video, "Holy Ground," from my album, DeLuxe Cafe. 


From the high plains of the Panhandle to the brush of South Texas and up  into the Hill Country, Stan has lived and worked all over the Lone Star State. When Stan was thirteen, his dad got him started on the 1947 Kay in the picture, and taught him every Country song he knew. When the 1960s came along, Stan listened to the music, and was influenced by the sounds of Rock and Roll, but in the long run it was the old sounds that stayed with him. He has worked  with the likes of Darrell Staedtler, George Ensle, and Tommy Byrd, not to mention the numerous fine musicians who have shared stages and recording studios with him along the way.


Whether you catch Stan playing solo or with other veteran musicians, it will be the everyday things that show up in the songs that he writes. With an eye for the moment and an ear for the unexpected, he catches the early morning sun, the man across the street, and  the signs along life's way.  Ordinary things become extraordinary - you look up, and it's there. 

Latest Release

In every small town in Texas, there is at least one good cafe. It is easy to find, and you know it when you see it. Pickups and Suburbans crowd the parking lot. Inside, men in hats and women in dresses and some in jeans are lingering over cups of coffee and glasses of iced tea and the daily specials. Everything and everyone gets talked about.

Stan's  fourth studio album, "DeLuxe Cafe," covers the kind of things that may be heard in places like this - life,  love and loss and everything in between, to the tune of guitars, fiddle and steel.

Michael Shawn (The Free Range Texan) has called this album "a true Texas music treasure." DeLuxe Cafe is available through CD Baby as a CD or download, or as individual songs.


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